An Artist's Personal Statement

When it comes to art, people are my favorite subject.  As a boy, I drew soldiers, ninjas, fishermen, knights, neighbors, and more.  Yes, I was the classmate sketching the math teacher as he explained the importance of a hypotenuse to the rest of the class.  Over time, my skills matured, and my thirst of subject matter grew.  My drawings broadened to such things as movie stars, comic book heroes, Nintendo characters, and spawns of my imagination. I could never get enough! Fascinated by the diversity of human expressions, I focused more on the subtleties of body language.  Small details, like tightening flexor muscles produced by a clenched fist became overwhelmingly important! I discovered that details are the key to faithfully representing an individual.

Color is an essential detail for illustrating emotions.  In our culture, colors are often used to symbolize feelings.  People may say, “Boy, you look blue today, what’s wrong?” or “isn’t she green with envy?”  This phenomenon is known as Color Theory and is found in numerous places including movies, literature, and art.  In the show, I have carefully selected two colors for each painting in order to suitably convey an emotion.  Each of the colors selected derive from Color Theory.  For example, Sorrow contains shades of blue and gray to achieve its dark and somber nature.  Meanwhile, Rage exhibits the flares of red and yellow, playing on its fiery nature.  The paintings’ net effect resembles something of a rainbow of color and emotion, reflecting upon the wide array of human responses.

Drawings rely heavily on a type of detail different from color - shading. On the one hand, a mother’s tender care is amplified in Unconditional Love by the softness of her shaded skin On the other hand, the excessive wrinkles produced by a 2B pencil accentuate the feeling found in Worriment. Amazingly, the exactness of a pencil allows an artist to capture every wrinkle on the human body due to carefully placed lines.  This is why I care for every line I produce... they are my seeds.  They will contribute and they will create.  The overall picture cannot exist without the help of the humble line.

Through the details produced by coloring and shading, it is my ultimate hope that you may connect with some of the emotions presented.  The purpose of the show is that everyone experiences emotions, and these emotions are what bring people together.  At birthday parties, we laugh and sing with happiness.  At funerals, we cry and hold each other tightly with sorrow.  And, in a wold filled with chaos, we may even find that special someone in which we experience the rarity of love.  May Emotions serve as a source to reflect upon the eclectic experiences of life.

... Furrow of the brow; purse of the lips; dagger of the eye - rage
...Arch of the brow; crescent of the smile; twinkle in the eye - happiness

...Crinkle of the brow; curve of the frown; tear of the eye - sorrow
...Twist of the brow; droop of the lip; widening of the eye - worriment...