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Joe always had a love for art.  Ever since he could hold a crayon, he has drawn pictures of all kinds.  As he grew older, he took his art to another level and began working with paint, clay, pen and ink, and charcoal to create his masterpieces.  Graduating cum laude from Luther College with a double major in art and biology, he has the unique ability to draw things as they truly are.  Although he can create just about anything, his passions lie in drawing people and capturing real emotions.  To see examples of this, view his Emotions gallery which showcased in the Dahl Centennial Art Gallery in 2007. 

Joe currently lives with his wife and two children in Rochester, MN. He grew up in Rochester, MN with two older brothers and a twin!   He is currently a dentist by day and an artist by night.

If Joe is not found with paintbrush or pencil in hand, at work or playing with his kids, he is probably at Caribou enjoying coffee or investing his time in one of his many hobbies.  These range from music and fishing to skiing and running.

If it’s not a sport or hobby, it is family.  Joe finds great pride in his children and loves to spend time with family at their cabin in Grantsburg, WI.  Being a twin and third in line of four boys, life has never been dull.  So it’s no wonder he continues to find joy and fun with family around. 

He often finds inspiration in his family, nature or his favorite artist: Albrecht Durer.

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